Top 12 New Back To School Essentials!

Fall is back to school time, which most students dread – but they don’t have to! A new school year is a blank slate, a chance to embrace new classes, new friends, trying new activities, new schedules. Starting high school or college? Then you’ll be getting a whole new lifestyle change, not to mention brand-new experiences! And what better way to feel your most confident while throwing yourself into all these changes than some new Fall clothes?!

Back to School in style

Top by Fifteen-Twenty, Jeans by Mia & Moss, Hat by Tart Collection, Scarf by Blue Pacific, Sunglasses by Freyrs, Bag by Chen & Derington and Shoes by Bos & Co.


Essential to the new – or veteran – campus cutie is an adorable and versatile jacket, some adorable scarves, several pairs of booties, and beautiful yet simple accessories. Sunglasses and a S’Well waterbottle are both a MUST for all the walking you’ll do on campus! And of course you’ll need an amazing bag to keep all of your go-to gadgets and class essentials on hand. Got early classes? Stock up on great jeans, basic staple tees, and plenty of those colorful scarves for an effortless, laid-back campus look!


Free People Sweater, Kendra Scott Jewelry and S’well Water Bottle


Everyones favorite Back to School brands like Fifteen-Twenty, Free People, and Olive and Oak embrace this comfy-chic look. Never sacrifice comfort OR style! Kendra Scott makes beautiful necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for super-easy accessorizing, like the new styles shown here. S’Well waterbottles keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours for quick rehydration, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours, so you’ll always that ever-essential coffee fix!


So embrace the new changes that Fall brings – we have everything you need! Back to school is a time to reinvent yourself – make a change, get inspired, and be inspiring! Forget old mistakes and start over. You’ve got this! And an A+ outfit doesn’t hurt. 😉

We hope that we inspired you!


Inspire Me!

Written by Kelsea King and model is Brittany Krugh

The Off Shoulder Top Is Hot!

What is it about women’s shoulders that are so tantalizing? Is it the way our delicate collarbones fluidly connect to that gentle curve? Is it the way the sunlight hits them? Or is the way that our shoulders invite a whisper of a touch as we look back over them with a small, knowing smile?

The undeniable allure of our shoulders is certainly no new phenomenon, although it was not always considered “proper” or “decent” for us to expose them; in some parts of the world, it still isn’t! The shoulder area–and the larger area of the décolletage–has a long and controversial history. In the 16th century, exposed shoulders was considered high fashion in all social classes, from women of leisure all the way down to ladies of the night. Later, however, in the 17th century, bare shoulders were considered a status symbol of wealth, privilege, and beauty. This, interestingly, coincided with the rise in popularity of Greek art: our exposed shoulders align us with the marble statues of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who was almost exclusively depicted with bare shoulders. Much later, in the 1950s, stars like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor who were the epitome of beauty made the bare shoulder look the essence of elegance and quiet femininity.

Off Shoulder Top

Fifteen-Twenty Off Shoulder Top, beaded Bracelet by Chan Luu and Earrings by Kendra Scott.

As they say, all trends come back around. No trend is hotter right now than the exposed, or “off,” shoulder trend! It is the perfect vehicle for displaying that uncanny way we have of being in command of that perfect balance of a dismissive turn of the shoulder while also giving a tiny, inviting, “come hither” smile: the perfect recipe for creating a stir.

Free People Off Shoulder Top

Free People Off Shoulder Top, Cross Bracelet and Choker by Chan Luu and Ring by Kendra Scott.


But how do we wear them? Long gone are the corsets and complicated padding of yesteryear (thank goodness!). Of course, it would be wise to invest in a good strapless bra; any straps from a bra or cami will diminish the grace and sophistication of an off shoulder. Strapless bras not your thing? A bandeau is also an acceptable option. The important thing is to be comfortable while fearlessly and totally embracing the trend, because is more beautiful than a confident you!

Tart Collection Off Shoulder Top

Tart Collection Off Shoulder Top, Necklace and Bracelet by Chan Luu and Tote by Kerisma.

So love your shoulders. Embrace them! Look back over them with a little flirtatious stare. Let the sun warm your collarbones. Be the Greek goddess that you are.  Show off your shoulders!

We hope that we inspired you!


Inspire Me!

written by Kelsea King,  Model is Brittany Krugh


Shine Bright Like A Diamond!


Welcome to Inspire Me Boutique’s fashion blog!  The first time I met my photographer, Brooke from Ashley Beige Photography, 4 years ago through mutual friends, I knew we could work together and do some amazing wonderful things.  She has so much energy and passion for what she does and her mind is constantly moving and creating in her photography just like I am doing in my business.  We love what we do so much!

That being said, this post shows the collaboration between our businesses along with our model Sarah Bader that was last seen in our “Summer Fun” post.  It started with getting in touch with Sarah to be the model for the shoot.  Brooke and I were both excited to shoot her again because of how natural she was in front of the camera this summer.  I chose the outfits to fit the personality that I thought Sarah could pull off.  From there, I forwarded the pictures to Brooke who came up with the ideas for the setting.


Because black and ivory were the main colors for the shoot with a little pop of color, Brooke chose a grey background with a metallic flooring.  Here Sarah is wearing a simple black cropped tank top and a jaw-dropping Red 23 side shirred jersey skirt.


Back from my buying trip to New York, we just received the Black Lace Tattoo Jewelry that I ordered and am so excited about.  They are self adhesive lasting several days and many of the styles are reusable by applying eyelash glue.  Sarah is wearing the best-selling cross and bracelet design, but there are many other styles to chose from.

She is wearing a wonderful delicate cross rosary necklace by Chan Luu.


Sarah’s headpiece was inspired by a style that I saw in the newest Chan Luu catalog and so I decided to try and duplicate it for our shoot for a pop of color on Sarah’s gorgeous face.

She is wearing an adored “pocketed” flowy long skirt by Weston Wear.


A simple twisted pearl drop earring works wonders with any outfit.


Brooke works her magic in all these images and she captured Sarah beautifully in this pose with smoke billowing from the stacks.


To sweeten things up a little, I chose pearls and this babydoll dress.  Here she has several long Chan Luu necklaces layered with a short Bud to Rose bar necklace.


We “girlyed” it up by giving her silver balloons and round pearl sunglasses.


The small hoop earrings are by Chan Luu and the tiny crystal ball ring is by Bud to Rose.



She was a STAR model that day!


This is one of my favorite photos because it’s uplifting and makes me happy!

This darling antique ivory babydoll dress is by Johnny Was.  It comes unlined, so I put a white slip under it here but it looks just as great with a black slip.


I wanted to finish off her boho chic looks with this stunning embroidered jacket by Johnny Was and high waisted shorts by BB Dakota.



The beautiful necklaces and bracelets are all handcrafted by hila. designs and the ring is by Brighton all add to this breathtaking look!




We had such an amazing time on this shoot!  Please visit us on our website where we add new items daily for your online shopping!  We would LOVE to hear your comments or feedback because it is SO important to us!

I hope that we inspired YOU!



Thank you for being our STAR model Sarah Bader you were simply sensational and Brooke from Ashley Beige Photography, you really outperformed yourself in this shoot!

Miss Teen Illinois Visits Inspire Me!


I was SO excited when Miss Illinois Teen USA 2014, Miranda Fenzau was visiting my home last week and she offered to model for Inspire Me!  I immediately got a hold of Brooke, my photographer to see if she could arrange her schedule to do the shoot.  The next day, we dropped everything to get this opportunity to work with Miranda.


This dress by Weston Wear with the floral paisley and beaded detail along the neckline was so cool against this weathered looking door from the East Race Office Building.


I added these AMAZING beaded chandelier earrings by Chan Luu to compliment the beading in the dress.


The brown multi colored  5 wrap bracelet by Chan Luu matched the colors of the flowers in the dress perfectly and giving it an understated look.


We absolutely loved how fun and flirty this outfit looked on Miranda!


It is all about her and this colorful, neon gypsy skirt!


A simple little crop top is just right for this skirt that we sell for just $9.00!



A simple gold beaded heart bracelet by Chan Luu was just the right accessory for this playful look!


Cool and chic is how I describe this look.  Let’s start with the awesome sleeveless scuba-like fabric dress from Red 23 that everyone is raving about.  The fabric is so stretchy and smooth and comfortable!!!  A HUGE trend right now!   The jacket from BB Dakota is this years vegan leather version that we sell out of every year.  We love the crinkle in the fabric and the draped front look it has when it is opened.



Add a great statement necklace to any outfit like this one and you will surely get noticed!


Another one of our scuba fabric pieces from Red 23 is this cute black mini skirt.  Again, so comfortable because the fabric stretches and feels amazing!


We just received this sexy little lace crop top with black embroidery that has a key hole split in the back.



The chandelier earrings and pearl and crystal wrap bracelet are both by Chan Luu.


These black BCBG gladiator sandals, I found at DSW and I use them in almost every one of my photo shoots lately because they look great with almost everything!


The cool mural behind Miranda is just being painted at the Purple Porch Co-op, our neighbor that connects consumers and local producers in a food cooperative with emphasis on sustainability.  It is coming along so nicely that we thought it would be a great background for this leather disc dress by Staples.  It comes with the slip underneath and is also available in a Gold color as well.



We are all looking forward to watching Miranda compete for the Miss Teen USA crown on August 2nd at 8:00 pm!

This young, gorgeous lady was so sweet and kind to let us work with her last week.  We were in awe of your professionalism.  It was truly an honor!  THANK YOU MIRANDA!

I hope that we inspired you!!



PHOTOGRAPHER-  Brooke from Ashley Beige Photography

MODEL- Miranda Fenzau

Fall New Arrivals

This month, we have started to receive our Fall merchandise.  It is so hard to believe that Fall is around the corner because it has been SOOO incredibly HOT outside this year!

Among the new arrivals are my favorite Hanky Panky stretch lace and cotton thongs in a bunch of colors and patterns.  I love the “Retro” style!  We also received in other intimates from ISLAY including the softest Bamboo kimonos, bralettes, slips and thongs.  I guess the heat had me thinking of lingerie for the store!

Inspire Me! has always been one of the best places to get beautiful DRESSES for any occasion.  This fall, I really concentrated on buying alot of dresses because the demand for them has been so great.  It has always been our strongest category, that I often think that I should become a dresses only store! Dresses from YOANA BARASCHI, MILLY, NANETTE LEPORE, NICOLE MILLER, ALICE + OLIVIA and so many more are coming in and I hope that you love them as much as I do!

SWEATERS have been our second best category and so I look forward to showing you all the new styles from TWIN-SET, WILT, HUMANOID, AVALON, MES DEMOISELLES and more!  Yes, there are several new lines that I picked up and am excited to share them with you as they arrive.

MES DEMOISELLES is a line fom Paris that I found that originated in 2006 and has received tremendous success from it’s lovely, soft, nostagic line filled with delicate prints,oversized jerseys, cottons and laces.

HUMANOID is a line from the Netherlands that I have been contemplating for a while because it originates from this gut sense of freedom, and the feel of the materials. The way they drape, move, how it behaves while treated and how it caresses the skin. Soft, lush fabrics, great qualities. They appear to be worn in and washed, they all match in shades, structures and in layering.

AVELON, a line from Milan by a previous Viktor and Rolf designer, was a complete excitement to discover because of the play with fabrics, shapes and proportions that makes alot of their pieces sort of unisex, which is hugely popular this Fall. Check out this link about the designer.

I will keep you posted!


“Your wardrobe is your message to the world, make sure it’s inspiring!!!”

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