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I am the owner of a Women’s Clothing Boutique located in South Bend, Indiana.  I have been in business for 20 years now.  It sounds like a really, really long time, but for me, it has really flown by!

I have been married for the past 9 years and I have a son and 2 stepsons and a dog named Pele.  I have a really busy life running my business and being a wife and mom.

I wanted to share my challenges and triumphs in the industry and also my ideas and thoughts about fashion each season.  I believe that we all express who we are by what we wear.  I also want to share other great stories, recipes and ideas.

Please check out our website www.inspiremeonline.com and our “boutique” site www.shopinspiremeboutique.com to see all the beautiful pieces that I carry in my store!

I hope to INSPIRE YOU!



    • inspiremeboutique says:

      Hi Angela!! I am so sorry that I didn’t reply before now! It has been ALMOST a year, that is so crazy! Thank you for the beautiful compliment! I hope you are doing great in California!!! I miss it so much!!! I hope you keep following us, I promise I will reply right away next time! xo

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