We’ve Got a Crush on Chokers!

Chokers are a seriously hot trend right now, and it’s no surprise – chokers have long been considered high fashion since the mid-19th century, and always seem to resurface on the trend radar every few decades. They are super versatile and can be found in many styles – from vintage to Goth to boho-chic, dainty to thick – and can be made out of many different materials, from velvet to lace to beads, or can be wrought in silver, gold, and other metals.   There is a choker out there to go with any outfit for any occasion. But what is so magical about this seemingly simple concept for an accessory that has made it endure for a over a hundred years?!


Cue history lesson…taking place in lush royal palaces and fine theaters…


Chokers became a widespread phenomenon after Queen Alexandra of Denmark was always seen wearing a choker to cover a small scar on her neck. There’s practical high fashion for you! But the point is, chokers started with royalty, and royalty inspires elegance, sophistication, and decadence. Naturally, to emulate these characteristics they held so dear, the upper classes began to wear chokers too, starting with simple bright ribbons, then evolving to include intricate beadwork. Chokers even became a trend among ballerinas dancing the most popular ballets in the late 19th century. Let’s face it – perhaps we love chokers so much because they highlight one of our most feminine and alluring features – the neck!


Luckily, today chokers are not so steeped in these aforementioned themes. They’re just fun! Chokers can be used to project any vibe you’re feeling: royal, flirtatious, forbidden, boho, or beautiful. Whichever story you want to tell the world about yourself, a choker is the perfect accessory. Experiment and change it up by trying different styles with different outfits! Above all, wear what tells your story, and what makes you feel unique and beautiful – that’s what the choker is all about!



Come in and let us help you try on our many different styles of chokers by Chan Luu, Kendra Scott and VSA, to find out a perfect look just for you!

We hope that we inspired YOU!


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written by Kelsea King

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