Romp In Your Romper!

We are feeling the heat right now at Inspire Me! And right now, just like the weather, the romper is HOT, HOT, HOT this season!


Necklace by Vanessa Mooney and Earrings by Mashka

Oddly enough, the romper actually started out as a casual garment for children in the 1900s. Their function was to give children more freedom of movement while playing, a departure from the restrictive clothing of the Victorian era. Think “romp”–it means “play,” right? Later, during the 1950s, rompers became popular for women in leisure-wear and beachwear. In the 1970s they reached their full popularity and–lucky for us–retailers began to offer them in a wider variety of materials, versus the terrycloth prototype that endured for a few years. The romper came to represent the fashion-forward, modern woman with a boho-chic twist.


Sanctuary Sydney Romper

Sanctuary Sydney Romper, Necklace by Hila and Wrap Bracelet by Chan Luu

So goodbye restrictive Victorian clothing! We can’t resist that freedom of movement and the convenience of one layer right? Not to mention that they keep us cool in the summer sun. And you better believe we make it look good! Nowadays, the possibilities in styles, colors, prints, and structures for the romper are endless!  You can go casual with an easy, laid-back style;

you can do a throwback to those original rompers and go with a boho-print;

Free People Santiago Romper

Free People Santiago Romper


Necklace and Bracelet by Chan Luu.  Ice Cream Bar by Paleteria Y Neveria La Rosita bought at the Purple Porch.

you can rock a sleek and sexy style with a strapless piece (don’t be afraid to throw on a strapless bra or bandeaux!);


Necklace by Chan Luu and Sunglasses by Freyer’s


or you can go for a girly, flouncy look that’s perfect for fun in the sun;

or show a little skin with a flirty open-back!

Danny Romper by Tart Collections

Danny Romper by Tart Collections, Choker Necklace by Chan Luu


So there’s a romper for every personality and body type–casual and sporty, sassy and chic, girly and flirty; there are fitted and flowy styles, rompers that zip, tie, and button; styles with pockets or no pockets; strapless or tank-style straps; open and closed backs. Accessorize to your heart’s desire–dress them up for the perfect nightlife outfit with heels or wedges, dress them down for a casual get-together with sandals or fun flats. Even rock a pair of booties! Some rompers come with built-in accessories, like a front zipper or buttons, cute grommet-work, or eyelets; your jewelry supplements your story! There are no rules! Whichever irresistible style you choose, the romper has your back.

So get inspired–the romper is a blank slate! Tell your story. Be chic and sassy, girly and flirty. Move freely and play!

Enjoy the Weekend!


Inspire Me!

written by Kelsea King, Model is Brittany Krugh




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