14 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Express your Love

Here are a few of our favorite gift ideas to express your love to the special Valentine in your life.


“Girlfriend” Face Candle by Mixture in Mission Fig and Coconut fragrance $16.99

Who could resist her sweet face?  Use the container for makeup brushes after the candle burns down!


Diamond Heart cuff Bracelet by Chan Luu $220

Diamonds and Hearts are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.


You & Me Heart Dish 4 1/2″ L $5.00

A sweet token of your love and great for a desk at work for paper clips etc.


“Love you More” Votive Holder 3 1/2″ H $5.00

 This votive holder is taller so the wax won’t spill out.


“How Sweet it is to Be Loved By You” Dish 5″ Round $6.50

Great for all kinds of little things and so much better than a card!!


Pink Mother of Pearl Kendra Scott Elle Earrings  $65.00

The new Spring color from the latest collection and so beautiful!


“Cozy Pants and Coffee” Ceramic Coffee Mug  $15.95

It is Pink and everyone loves coffee!!


“You Make Me Blush” Cosmetic Pouch   $15.00

Ladies love cosmetic pouches!


love you + forever handmade paper print 16″ x 12″ $32.00

Frame or hang using a clip in your favorite room in the house.


S’well Water Bottle in Bikini Pink  $35.00

To take to Yoga class or just to keep hydrated.  Drinks stay hot for 12 hours and stay cold for 24 hours!


Sugarboo Designs Love You + Forever Necklace  $120.00

Put this sterling silver precious necklace on and you will never take it off.


Rachel Marie Designs Rosewater Stone Necklace  $88.00

So beautiful even with a white T-shirt!

Fifteen Twenty Coral Cold Shoulder Top  $165.00

We love Fifteen Twenty and this newest arrival is just too cute!

and then saving the best for last is this piece that describes what true love is all about.


1 Corinthians 13 Framed Print  11″ x 11″  $32.00


Love is the Greatest Gift God ever gave Man. <3

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Inspire Me!

Basic Tees: Anything But Basic!

We are OBSESSED with basic tees right now! Nothing beats a perfect staple piece, right?? Every woman needs staples in her wardrobe she can always rely on to fit well no matter how many times it’s washed, to be soft, and to be not only versatile enough to be worn with or under anything, but also a beautiful blank canvas on its own.

We LOVE the basic tees from Fifteen Twenty because they come in so many different styles–V-necks, scoop-necks, ribbed, smooth, long-sleeve, short-sleeve, cold-shoulder, poncho style and with various hems…they’re just about the most versatile tees ever! They are made from beautiful high-quality fabric, so they wash beautifully and always keep their shape. And did we mention how SOFT they are?? You won’t want to take them off!

Groceries Apparel is a new eco-conscious tee-shirt line that we found the perfect fitted tee AND they have so many other great styles to choose from.  They are handmade with love, light and good vibes in California with organic materials that aren’t treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or GMO’s. These toxins are harmful for farmers and workers and US as consumers and our entire wildlife eco-systems.   We just received the basic crew and basic V-neck tees in 4 colors and a tank, but have other styles coming in soon!

Groceries Apparel tees are made with Love!


We love throwing a basic Fifteen Twenty or Groceries Apparel tee under anything and everything–vests, jackets, button-ups…even sleeveless dresses that you’re dying to wear but usually have to save for warm weather! As much as we like to use these basic tees as layering pieces, we also LOVE to wear them by themselves and get creative with the blank canvas! Pair a basic tee with distressed skinny jeans and funky jewelry for a laid-back, casual-chic look! Or pull out that denim skirt and a pair of wedges for a fun Summertime look. Be daring and pair a basic tee with pants that have a bright, bold pattern. The possibilities really are endless!

Basic tees are the unsung heroes of our wardrobes–they do not need the spotlight, but are much better at letting other pieces shine in a way that they perhaps could not have done without the perfect layering piece. Or perhaps that bold, colorful necklace would not sparkle quite as brightly if it were not up against a basic and solid–but no less beautiful–backdrop. As they say, sometimes we have to “get back to the basics” to build a solid foundation, and basic tees are the perfect way to build your wardrobe and spark creativity! So…basic tees are really anything but basic–just like your story. We hope that we’ve inspired you to “get back to the basics” and get creative!


Inspire Me!

PS!! Velvet Tees will be arriving back at Inspire Me in July too!!!

written by Kelsea King and model Brittany Krugh


Grace & Lace


Do you ever wish you had a little extra length at the bottom of a top or a dress like we sometimes do?  Well, we now have the perfect product for you! Grace & Lace products are fabulous and beautiful but this company has a little something else: a truly humbling and inspiring story.

Owner Melissa had always loved sewing and was brought up with DIY roots, and this craftiness and can-do attitude grew with her into adulthood. In the spring of 2010, she was eagerly awaiting the arrival of a little bundle of joy. At five months pregnant, she found out that her precious baby girl was trying to come early. Melissa was put on strict bedrest in the hospital. Not even allowed to sit up, this DIY mom decided that she had to do something with her hands! Melissa began knitting a blanket for her little girl.

Sadly, after two weeks the doctors could no longer stop the labor. Melissa’s little girl was born, but was almost immediately called back home to Heaven.

But Melissa found that she had rekindled her love of sewing through knitting her little girl’s blanket, so she began knitting boot socks. Having received an endless stream of compliments, Melissa decided to put her boot socks up for sale online. After an overwhelming reception, Grace & Lace was born! After still more success, Melissa and her husband went on the hit ABC show “Shark Tank” in 2013. They were bought by Barbara Corcoran for $175,000! Melissa and her husband now have three beautiful, healthy children and are based in Austin, TX. Melissa herself says, “I truly believe that out of this great tragedy has come our greatest victory.”

Grace & Lace is women’s apparel line, featuring beautiful tops, sweaters, and of course the boot socks that started it all! Additionally, a portion of each sale is donated to organizations that build orphanages  and safe places for children in India, which removes them from the child-trafficking trade. What’s better than fabulous clothes for a good cause?!

Here at Inspire Me! Boutique, we have sold Grace & Lace like crazy! Our customers love their tank extenders and beautiful tops so much that we continuously have had to re-order! We love to put them under any top that we’d like to make a little longer, or just to add that little pop of lacey elegance under any button-up top. Also, coming soon are the Scalloped Lace Top Extenders–perfect for any top that you’d like to leave unbuttoned at the bottom to let the lacey double hem peek out–and the Chiffon High Low Extenders, which will get you that flawless, on-trend hi-lo look no matter what top you pair it with! We could not be more excited to be getting more Grace & Lace–all of their lace extenders add that little extra something to any outfit, dressy OR casual!

We hope the story of this amazing company that was “made with HIS grace and a little lace” has inspired you to spread love, grace, creativity, and joy!


Inspire Me

written by Kelsea King




We’ve Got a Crush on Chokers!

Chokers are a seriously hot trend right now, and it’s no surprise – chokers have long been considered high fashion since the mid-19th century, and always seem to resurface on the trend radar every few decades. They are super versatile and can be found in many styles – from vintage to Goth to boho-chic, dainty to thick – and can be made out of many different materials, from velvet to lace to beads, or can be wrought in silver, gold, and other metals.   There is a choker out there to go with any outfit for any occasion. But what is so magical about this seemingly simple concept for an accessory that has made it endure for a over a hundred years?!


Cue history lesson…taking place in lush royal palaces and fine theaters…


Chokers became a widespread phenomenon after Queen Alexandra of Denmark was always seen wearing a choker to cover a small scar on her neck. There’s practical high fashion for you! But the point is, chokers started with royalty, and royalty inspires elegance, sophistication, and decadence. Naturally, to emulate these characteristics they held so dear, the upper classes began to wear chokers too, starting with simple bright ribbons, then evolving to include intricate beadwork. Chokers even became a trend among ballerinas dancing the most popular ballets in the late 19th century. Let’s face it – perhaps we love chokers so much because they highlight one of our most feminine and alluring features – the neck!


Luckily, today chokers are not so steeped in these aforementioned themes. They’re just fun! Chokers can be used to project any vibe you’re feeling: royal, flirtatious, forbidden, boho, or beautiful. Whichever story you want to tell the world about yourself, a choker is the perfect accessory. Experiment and change it up by trying different styles with different outfits! Above all, wear what tells your story, and what makes you feel unique and beautiful – that’s what the choker is all about!



Come in and let us help you try on our many different styles of chokers by Chan Luu, Kendra Scott and VSA, to find out a perfect look just for you!

We hope that we inspired YOU!


Inspire Me!

written by Kelsea King

Top 12 New Back To School Essentials!

Fall is back to school time, which most students dread – but they don’t have to! A new school year is a blank slate, a chance to embrace new classes, new friends, trying new activities, new schedules. Starting high school or college? Then you’ll be getting a whole new lifestyle change, not to mention brand-new experiences! And what better way to feel your most confident while throwing yourself into all these changes than some new Fall clothes?!

Back to School in style

Top by Fifteen-Twenty, Jeans by Mia & Moss, Hat by Tart Collection, Scarf by Blue Pacific, Sunglasses by Freyrs, Bag by Chen & Derington and Shoes by Bos & Co.


Essential to the new – or veteran – campus cutie is an adorable and versatile jacket, some adorable scarves, several pairs of booties, and beautiful yet simple accessories. Sunglasses and a S’Well waterbottle are both a MUST for all the walking you’ll do on campus! And of course you’ll need an amazing bag to keep all of your go-to gadgets and class essentials on hand. Got early classes? Stock up on great jeans, basic staple tees, and plenty of those colorful scarves for an effortless, laid-back campus look!


Free People Sweater, Kendra Scott Jewelry and S’well Water Bottle


Everyones favorite Back to School brands like Fifteen-Twenty, Free People, and Olive and Oak embrace this comfy-chic look. Never sacrifice comfort OR style! Kendra Scott makes beautiful necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for super-easy accessorizing, like the new styles shown here. S’Well waterbottles keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours for quick rehydration, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours, so you’ll always that ever-essential coffee fix!


So embrace the new changes that Fall brings – we have everything you need! Back to school is a time to reinvent yourself – make a change, get inspired, and be inspiring! Forget old mistakes and start over. You’ve got this! And an A+ outfit doesn’t hurt. 😉

We hope that we inspired you!


Inspire Me!

Written by Kelsea King and model is Brittany Krugh

Romp In Your Romper!

We are feeling the heat right now at Inspire Me! And right now, just like the weather, the romper is HOT, HOT, HOT this season!


Necklace by Vanessa Mooney and Earrings by Mashka

Oddly enough, the romper actually started out as a casual garment for children in the 1900s. Their function was to give children more freedom of movement while playing, a departure from the restrictive clothing of the Victorian era. Think “romp”–it means “play,” right? Later, during the 1950s, rompers became popular for women in leisure-wear and beachwear. In the 1970s they reached their full popularity and–lucky for us–retailers began to offer them in a wider variety of materials, versus the terrycloth prototype that endured for a few years. The romper came to represent the fashion-forward, modern woman with a boho-chic twist.


Sanctuary Sydney Romper

Sanctuary Sydney Romper, Necklace by Hila and Wrap Bracelet by Chan Luu

So goodbye restrictive Victorian clothing! We can’t resist that freedom of movement and the convenience of one layer right? Not to mention that they keep us cool in the summer sun. And you better believe we make it look good! Nowadays, the possibilities in styles, colors, prints, and structures for the romper are endless!  You can go casual with an easy, laid-back style;

you can do a throwback to those original rompers and go with a boho-print;

Free People Santiago Romper

Free People Santiago Romper


Necklace and Bracelet by Chan Luu.  Ice Cream Bar by Paleteria Y Neveria La Rosita bought at the Purple Porch.

you can rock a sleek and sexy style with a strapless piece (don’t be afraid to throw on a strapless bra or bandeaux!);


Necklace by Chan Luu and Sunglasses by Freyer’s


or you can go for a girly, flouncy look that’s perfect for fun in the sun;

or show a little skin with a flirty open-back!

Danny Romper by Tart Collections

Danny Romper by Tart Collections, Choker Necklace by Chan Luu


So there’s a romper for every personality and body type–casual and sporty, sassy and chic, girly and flirty; there are fitted and flowy styles, rompers that zip, tie, and button; styles with pockets or no pockets; strapless or tank-style straps; open and closed backs. Accessorize to your heart’s desire–dress them up for the perfect nightlife outfit with heels or wedges, dress them down for a casual get-together with sandals or fun flats. Even rock a pair of booties! Some rompers come with built-in accessories, like a front zipper or buttons, cute grommet-work, or eyelets; your jewelry supplements your story! There are no rules! Whichever irresistible style you choose, the romper has your back.

So get inspired–the romper is a blank slate! Tell your story. Be chic and sassy, girly and flirty. Move freely and play!

Enjoy the Weekend!


Inspire Me!

written by Kelsea King, Model is Brittany Krugh




The Warmth of the Sundress

Close your eyes for a moment. Picture a warm summer’s day, the sun kissing your shoulders. You come upon a lush, green hill covered in colorful wildflowers, their scent hanging thickly in the air. A lovely woman comes over the crest of the hill. She is radiant and smiling, the breeze playing with her hair. She bends to pick the wildflowers as she trips happily down the hill. As she nears you, you feel she is someone you have always wanted to meet, yet you see a glimmer of yourself in her as well. She is a warm, kindred spirit, perhaps even the best version of yourself.

Gentle Fawn Gypsy Boho Dress

Gentle Fawn Gypsy Boho Dress, Bag by Chen & Derington and bracelets by Skiss

In this little scene, what is she wearing? What are you wearing as you watch her?

Probably a sundress!

When you think about it, sundresses probably make up nearly half of our summer wardrobes. After all, they are perfect for summer; they keep us cool with one layer while letting us get some sun; they can be dressed up for a wedding or summer party with wedges, flats, or heels; dressed down for the beach or a casual lunch with flip-flops or sandals. Certain sundresses can even pair with booties for an edgier style. Sundresses come in all kinds of styles: long, short, strapless, ruffled, fitted, flowy…the list goes on and on. They come in all sorts of amazing prints, from animal to Aztec. The ways in which to accessorize your sundress has almost the same infinite possibilities: a long necklace, a choker, or layered pieces; bangle bracelets or a cuff; statement earrings or simple hoops; a great clutch or a must-have handbag. Undoubtedly, part of the charm of the sundress is its versatility. They truly are a blank page upon which to write our story.


Necklace and Bracelet by Chan Luu and Tote by Star Mela

But that is not the only reason why we are in love with the sundress. Versatility may be part of their charm, but what makes them magical is how they make us feel. Sundresses make us feel pretty. Feminine. Playful. Sassy. Enchanting. They can be liberating; for which of us hasn’t spun in a circle in the sun, watched the skirt of our sundress billow outwards while feeling a soothing breeze on our legs, and landed in a giggling heap in the soft grass? They make us think of the warmth, excitement, and joy of summer.

IMG_4447 IMG_4448 IMG_4449

Dress by Olive + Oak, Necklace by Hila and Bag by Chen & Derington


Gwena Dress by Tart Collections

Gwena Dress by Tart Collections, Bag by Buco and bracelets by Rosa Gonzales



Bracelet and Necklace by Brighton Collectibles and Tote by Star Mela


Earrings by Kendra Scott and Bag by Brighton Collectibles 

Expand your sundress horizons. The possibilities are endless: there is a sundress for every style, every story. Most of all, feel beautiful and enchanting!


Tote by Star Mela and Bracelet by Chan Luu

We hope that we inspired you on this beautiful Friday afternoon!!

Enjoy the weekend!


Inspire Me!!

written by Kelsea King, model is Brittany Krugh