The Off Shoulder Top Is Hot!

What is it about women’s shoulders that are so tantalizing? Is it the way our delicate collarbones fluidly connect to that gentle curve? Is it the way the sunlight hits them? Or is the way that our shoulders invite a whisper of a touch as we look back over them with a small, knowing smile?

The undeniable allure of our shoulders is certainly no new phenomenon, although it was not always considered “proper” or “decent” for us to expose them; in some parts of the world, it still isn’t! The shoulder area–and the larger area of the décolletage–has a long and controversial history. In the 16th century, exposed shoulders was considered high fashion in all social classes, from women of leisure all the way down to ladies of the night. Later, however, in the 17th century, bare shoulders were considered a status symbol of wealth, privilege, and beauty. This, interestingly, coincided with the rise in popularity of Greek art: our exposed shoulders align us with the marble statues of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who was almost exclusively depicted with bare shoulders. Much later, in the 1950s, stars like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor who were the epitome of beauty made the bare shoulder look the essence of elegance and quiet femininity.

Off Shoulder Top

Fifteen-Twenty Off Shoulder Top, beaded Bracelet by Chan Luu and Earrings by Kendra Scott.

As they say, all trends come back around. No trend is hotter right now than the exposed, or “off,” shoulder trend! It is the perfect vehicle for displaying that uncanny way we have of being in command of that perfect balance of a dismissive turn of the shoulder while also giving a tiny, inviting, “come hither” smile: the perfect recipe for creating a stir.

Free People Off Shoulder Top

Free People Off Shoulder Top, Cross Bracelet and Choker by Chan Luu and Ring by Kendra Scott.


But how do we wear them? Long gone are the corsets and complicated padding of yesteryear (thank goodness!). Of course, it would be wise to invest in a good strapless bra; any straps from a bra or cami will diminish the grace and sophistication of an off shoulder. Strapless bras not your thing? A bandeau is also an acceptable option. The important thing is to be comfortable while fearlessly and totally embracing the trend, because is more beautiful than a confident you!

Tart Collection Off Shoulder Top

Tart Collection Off Shoulder Top, Necklace and Bracelet by Chan Luu and Tote by Kerisma.

So love your shoulders. Embrace them! Look back over them with a little flirtatious stare. Let the sun warm your collarbones. Be the Greek goddess that you are.  Show off your shoulders!

We hope that we inspired you!


Inspire Me!

written by Kelsea King,  Model is Brittany Krugh


The Magic of the Druzy Stone


Brittany is shown here at Tippecanoe Place Restaurant wearing a sueded skirt dress by Nana Nucci, Jewelry by Chan Luu and Headband by Deepa Gurnani.

Often we find ourselves drawn to a piece of jewelry for reasons we cannot place; it is an almost mystical phenomenon. Jewelry holds a magic and a wonder over us that we cannot explain. It may be something about the way the piece sparkles, the color, how it sits playfully or tantalizingly from our necks, ears, or wrists. How often have we sat in girlish giddiness admiring our mother’s or grandmother’s shining treasures? The stones and colors we choose say something about ourselves. Jewelry, like any piece of clothing, tells a story; and the druzy stone, as one of the hottest trends this season, has quite the story to tell.


First a little science lesson. The term “druzy” refers to the tiny but beautiful crystals that form over a colorful mineral rock. Ground water carrying what is known as silica will rush over porous areas of a stone, and as this rapidly cools it forms the stunning crystal that we know and love. As a result, the druzy stone is also known as “The Stone of Stardust” or “Fairy Dust.” Pretty cool, huh? No wonder we’re captivated by it! Color choice, of course, carries meaning all its own, and due to the relative softness of the crystal, it can form over almost any mineral and be cut into any shape in bright, vibrant colors. Even more captivating, depending on the mineral the druzy forms on, the druzy stone is said to have mystical properties. It possesses powers that bring tranquility and peace to the spirit, protection, creativity, love, and even business success. The druzy stone is even said to have the power to heal, and has been used to help with ulcers and arthritis.  That’s a pretty magical stone!


Here Brittany is outside the Michiana Family YMCA wearing our new cold-shoulder top by Fifteen Twenty, boyfriend jeans by Kut from the Kloth, tree scarf by Blue Pacific and our new tassled booties by Bos & Co.



And the beautiful druzy pieces from our newest line Kendra Scott! Available in several different colors!


So wear stardust around your neck. Wear fairy dust in your ears. Tell your story through the druzy’s color and mineral properties. Cultivate the magic of the druzy stone!

We hope that we inspired you!!!


Inspire Me!

written by Kelsea King, model is Brittany Krugh

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A Letter From Your Graduation Dress


Dear Graduating Daughters, Granddaughters, Nieces, and Friends,

I am a dress, that symbol of classic femininity, grace, and all things lovely. As a dress, my appearance and style has changed and evolved a lot over the years, but I am still designed to accomplish the same monumental task: I turn girls into women, and something so much more. I will do this for you too, today, on your graduation day.

How time has flown by! You are a woman now, no longer a girl playing dress-up with her mother’s pretty things. Now you have your own pretty things–your own high heels, a closet full of clothes, makeup, and jewelry.  And you have me–your new graduation dress that shows off your beautiful style and timeless elegance. I am so glad you picked me! I fit you just right, and help highlight all that makes you you–your beauty, your individuality, your sweetness and sophistication.IMG_1334

Dress by Fifteen Twenty, Earrings by Lenora Dame, Wrap Bracelet by Chan Luu and Pink Clutch by ShiraLeah

In the coming years, you will have many occasions to wear a dress: dinners, showers, parties, your wedding. You will choose those dresses as carefully as you chose me, making sure it is the right color and cut, has just the right amount of detail, and shows off your best features as only a dress can do. But you will always remember the dress you wore on your graduation day.  I don’t mind that you must hide me with your cap and gown. Today is not so much about how I look, but how I make you feel. You have accomplished so much, and today you should feel confident, proud, and strong. Don’t worry, your dress will be there with you, close to your heart, every step of the way across that stage. And once we take that walk, you will be ready to take on the world. You can do anything! Be beautiful, be brave, and dress to impress. Most of all, be inspiring.

Love and congratulations from,

Your Inspire Me! Graduation Dress

We hope that we inspired you!!!

written by Kelsea King, model is Brittany Krugh

BW Taylor


BW Taylorb

Dress by Taylor,  Earrings, Necklace and Bracelets by Rachel Marie Designs, Purse by Brighton

Taylor pearl dress_edited-1


Taylor Pearl dressd

Dress by Taylor, Pearl Bracelet/Necklace by Bittersweet Designs, Earrings by Chan Luu

What Exactly Is A Skort?

What exactly is a skort? It could most simply be described as a piece that looks like a skirt from the front, and a pair of shorts from the back. Wikipedia says that the skort was invented by Montgomery Ward in 1959. Originally this piece was made up of a skirt with a pair of attached bloomers. Attractive, right? The skort was invented to give us ladies more freedom of movement to do activities such as gardening, cycling, and cleaning while still maintaining a feminine look. Eventually, the skort evolved along with women’s fashion into the piece we know and love today: a pair of shorts with a piece of fabric across the front or all around.

It may be one of those slightly intimidating pieces that looks cute on the hanger but you find yourself, perhaps half-frantically, asking, “How do I wear a skort?” “What do I wear a skort with?” “How do I style a skort?” The answer is, however you want! Make it individual. Here, Brittany makes it look easy in our jacquard skort by Cupcakes and Cashmere and striped crop top by Jack by BB Dakota. We dressed it up by adding a sparkling crystal bracelet by Chan Luu, heels by Calvin Klein, and a cute clutch by Brighton. She looks fearless and bold. It is her statement piece, saying, “I am ultra-chic, fresh, and edgy.”

Striped Crop Top by BB Dakota and Jacquard Skort by Cupcakes and Cashmere

What about here? In this photo, the skort lends a Romanticism. An elegance. She is effortlessly girly. Sophisticated and classy. Graceful.


A skort- or any piece-can be whatever you want, even seemingly opposite things: edgy and classic, bold and elegant, Romantic and fresh. What a skort can do is a many-layered thing.  Perhaps that is truly what style is:  creating a complex, many-layered story of your own authorship. So choose the skort with the bold pattern, the bright color, the textured material; pair it with a crop top, a button-up, your favorite tank; dress it up or down–just make it yours.

Your wardrobe is your story to the world; make sure it’s an inspiring one!


Written by Kelsea King

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